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”…a suspended, surreal condition.”
New York Times, 2015.

“…the best drunk ballet I’ve ever seen…”
Dance Tabs, 2015.


Photo by Bob Sweeney

 Rosie Langabeer is an award-winning composer, pianist, and band leader from Aotearoa New Zealand. With an output as eclectic as ranging from composing for string quartet, to ballet music, to free improvisation, to Balkan brass band and much much more, her wonderfully honest voice will make you want to cry and then sprinkle in some robot-bird-monsters.

 The New York Times has praised her surrealism and time-bending abilities, which she earned through collaborations with Philadelphia companies BalletX and Pig Iron Theatre, and her recent projects include a public interactive audio visual installation for Sight/Sound: Revealing the Rail Park created with artist Erik Ruin; and a score for the invented instruments of Neil Feather and chamber ensemble to be premiered by Wellington’s new music heavyweights STROMA in July 2020.

Twelfth Night

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Photo by Rosie Whinray
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