composer/musician from Aotearoa

”…a suspended, surreal condition.”
New York Times, 2015.

“…the best drunk ballet I’ve ever seen…”
Dance Tabs, 2015.


Photo by Bob Sweeney

 “…the whole production is pretty dazzling. The musicians — trombone, violin, accordion, tuba and more are in the instrument mix — play the audience into the theater and set a festive tone that somehow also bends time.

Neil Genzlinger, New York Times
Twelfth Night

“the show is buoyed along by a manic undercurrent even in its sharpest, most exquisitely clear-eyed moments, of which there are many. Like composer Rosie Langabeer’s music, its highs spin wildly and its lows are mournful and bottomless.”

New York Theater Review
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 …her wonderfully honest voice will make you want to cry and then sprinkle in some robot-bird-monsters.

Neil Feather

Magic Love Mirrors

“Rock-a-Bye,” one of three world premieres on the BalletX’s Summer Series program, suggests that (choreogrographer Penny Saunders) is a remarkably fresh mind, with talents for suspense and surrealism. In this, she has found an ideal composer in Rosie Langabeer whose original music for this work — Ms. Langabeer also sings and performs, with two other musicians — casts one spell after another.

Alistair Macaulay, New York Times

I’m just a little bit in love with Rosie Langabeer. From the first time that I saw her onstage in lab coat and protective glasses, playing the musical saw to the accompaniment of an electric drill, I knew she was the girl for me.

Rosheen Fitzgerald, The Hook


By the end of the night, several men have shed their self-consciousness to perform some experimental dance moves. The audience has laughed, toe-tapped and been transported variously to the high seas, Italian osterie and fair old Auckland-town. I leave with a sense that I’ve spent the night in the company of good friends, despite having arrived alone.

Ester Du Fresne, The Hook
tobii in the snow

“Rosie Langabeer can play outside one minute and the next you hear a deep subtle swing, a rare kind of pulse that you can feel in your bones. A gifted composer and leader in her own right, an extraordinary side-women when required. Moving from percussive, richly dissonant voicings to heart-stopping arpeggiated runs…Her iconoclastic playing delighted the audience.”

John Fenton, Jazz Local 32

Photo by Rosie Whinray