Composed by Rosie Langabeer in collaboration with Tara Middleton, Gregg Mervine and choreographer Penny Saunders for BalletX, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2018

Rosie Langabeer – keyboards, vocals, e. guitar, etc…
Tara Middleton – violin, vocals, etc…
Gregg Mervine – e.guitar, drums, vocals, electronics, etc…

The Sunset Club

Rosie Langabeer – composer, piano, vocals, ukulele, trombone, synth, etc…
Andrew Mars – co-composer, vocals, trumpet, piano, electronics, etc…
Josh Machiz – co-composer, bass, sousaphone, vocals, electronics, etc…
Isaac Stanford – co-composer, pedal steel, guitar, trumpet, drums, etc…
Philadelphia, USA, 2014

Sirius Music

Composer: Rosie Langabeer
Ensemble: ZIRKUS
Wellington, New Zealand, 2010.

Diamond Blazer

Spontaneous Electronica by:
Rosie Langabeer – synth, sampler, ukulele, magnapooter, clarinet, etc…
Philadelphia, USA, 2014.

two to tutu too

Spontaneous music by:
Rosie Langabeer – Piano
Neil Feather – Invented instrument, the ‘Bachelor’
Performed in Denver, 2015


Free Improvisation
Jim Langabeer, Saxophone
Rosie Langabeer, Piano
Auckland, New Zealand, 2012.


Spontaneous music by:
Robbie Beamer, drums
Rosie Langabeer, accordion
Philadelphia, USA, 2014


Composer: Rosie Langabeer
Ensemble: ZIRKUS
Wellington, New Zealand, 2006

Strange Satie

Josh Machiz: double bass
Jesse Sparhawke: harp
Rosie Langabeer: composer, accordion, clarinet, piano
Philadelphia, USA, 2011.

The Twilight Zone

Kate Porter, composer, cello, electronics.
Rosie Langabeer, composer, piano, accordion, electronics.
and special guests from the 5th Dimension
Baltimore, USA, 2013.

Totally Super Pregnant

Mark McCloughan – composer, vocals, electronics
Rosie Langabeer, vocals, electronics.

The Only Band In Illyria

Rosie Langabeer: composer, accordion
Marina Vishnyakova: violin,
Patrick Hughes: cornet,
Josh Machiz: double bass
Chad Brown: percussion
Philadelphia, USA 2011

The Ooze

Spontaneous Music by:
Kate Porter, cello.

Rosie Langabeer, keys.
Neil Feather, bachelor.

Dan Breen, drums.
Baltimore, USA, 2013.


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